Bitcoin Charlotte Expert Jacob

Hourly Rate: $300      Video chat only

Email: jacob@bitcoincharlotte.org
Signal: @btcknight.21

Jacob founded Bitcoin Charlotte in 2013 and is the brainchild of this consulting program. He has consulted with countless people looking to learn more about bitcoin. His favorite thing to do is make the seemingly complex ideas of bitcoin easy to understand for beginners.

He organized a Bitcoin book club which read and discussed over 20 bitcoin related books. He hosts an online meetup to discuss all things bitcoin, and he hosts a monthly technical Workshop which goes over the latest and greatest tech in the bitcoin space. 

Before bitcoin, he built and designed websites for 15 years which gives him technical expertise to navigate software issues you might be experiencing. He has worked with several self proclaimed "tech-illiterate" clients, so he understands the patience you may need when learning something new on the computer. 

Jacob has experience with:

  • Hot wallets such as Strike, Cash App, Blue Wallet, Samourai, Muun, Pheonix, Aqua, Chivo, Envoy, Green
  • Cold wallets such as Bitkey, Passport, Seed Signer, Jade, Cold Card, Trezor, and Ledger
  • Collateral backed loan and vault services such as Unchained, Casa, and Swan Bitcoin.
  • Multisig and desktop solutions such as Sparrow, Electrum, Tapsigner & Nunchuck, Blue Wallet Vault, and "Cold Phone Levels"
  • Transferring alt-coins on popular exchanges like Coinbase to cold storage devices like Trezor and Ledger 
  • Selling alt-coins for bitcoin or cash
  • Non KYC selling, buying and transferring bitcoin. 
  • Metal seed phrase backups