Bitcoin Charlotte 1-On-1 Consulting

Get assistance from your local bitcoin experts with in-person or virtual consultations. Each expert has hands on experience using bitcoin exchanges, hot and cold wallets, educational material, bitcoin conferences, bitcoin philosophy, non-KYC bitcoin, and buying / selling bitcoin. This is a fast moving space and it's impossible to know everything, but with our connections with multiple bitcoin communities and resources throughout the world - we are bound to find the answer to any difficult questions. 

  • 1 hour of in-person or video chat consultation
  • Includes 1 week of direct messages for follow up questions
  • Each expert has their own hourly rate
  • 100% markup when paying with fiat
    • We'll help you pay with bitcoin if you don't know how :)


Bitcoin Consultants

  • Jacob - $300 / hr - Video chat only
    Jacob founded Bitcoin Charlotte in 2013 and is the brainchild of this consulting program. He has consulted countless people looking to learn more about bitcoin. His favorite thing to do is make the seemingly complex ideas of bitcoin easy to understand for beginners.
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  • Liz - $30 / hr - Video chat only
    Liz has experience in growing Bitcoin communities globally. With a track record of nurturing growth in the Charlotte community since 2020, she now travels as a digital nomad, with El Salvador being a significant base. Her expertise lies in advising on Bitcoin purchases worldwide and recommending the best wallet solutions. Liz is particularly dedicated to empowering women, offering guidance to kickstart their Bitcoin journey with confidence and knowledge.
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